ZFS is considered a "zero administration" filesystem by its creators; therefore, configuring ZFS is very straight forward. Configuration is done primarily with two commands: zfs and zpool. Automatic Start

For ZFS to live by its "zero administration" namesake, the zfs daemon must be loaded at startup. A benefit to this is that it is not necessary to mount the zpool in /etc/fstab; the zfs daemon can import and mount zfs pools automatically. The daemon mounts the zfs pools reading the file /etc/zfs/zpool.cache.

For each pool you want automatically mounted by the zfs daemon execute:

# zpool set cachefile=/etc/zfs/zpool.cache <pool>

Enable the service so it is automatically started at boot time:

# systemctl enable

To manually start the daemon:

# systemctl start

Note: If zfs-mount.service fails on boot due to running before the kernel module is loaded, you may have to manually enable the zfs-import-cache.service.

# systemctl enable zfs-import-cache.service